Why We Do What We Do! Providing Life-Changing Solar Power in Africa

Dr. Isaac Hunsaker, the owner of Beautifi Solar, does not believe in zero-sum games. This is why he's so passionate about sustainable technology like solar installation. His company and employees benefit when we sell solar panels to homeowners and businesses. Property owners benefit financially by eliminating their power bills. And the people of the African countries Rwanda and Uganda benefit from the donations of technology and money we contribute.

A History of Giving

Dr. Hunsaker has been a pioneering contributor to a new movement of energy professionals bringing power to Africa. After he finished his Ph.D., Dr. Hunsaker worked as a consultant for ERM and as a senior consultant for Ramble. He traveled to Africa to support the non-profit organization, Africa Development Promise. He saw first-hand how the majority of Rwandan and Ugandans live without electricity.

He convinced ERM to make contributions, as well as family and friends. He donated pro bono work in Africa, meeting the people, and helping meet their needs for energy.

Starting a Business that Helps Society

When it came time for Dr. Hunsaker to start his own company, he knew he wanted to serve his Utah community by offering residents cheaper power. He also wanted to use a portion of his company profits to bring energy to those who didn't have access to it before.

How We Donate

We donate in several important ways. First, we donate actual solar materials directly to villages:

We also give financially, donating to Africa Development Promise, which helps people in Uganda and Rwanda attain economic freedom.

Conditions which Prevent Self-Sufficiency in Africa

These communities are impoverished, in part, because of the lack of necessary power infrastructure. The conditions we take for granted in America, like easy access to electricity, are a rarity in Africa. Imagine trying to start a business without access to energy?

Our financial contributions to Africa Development Promise, which gives people the skills to start businesses and make a living.

The average villagers in these countries make about $2 per year. After working with Africa Development Promise, they start making $250/year. This changes their lives in ways we can’t even fathom. Instead of sleeping on the floor of a dirt hut, they now can buy a mattress, education, purchase water, or malaria medicine.

Survival from Malaria

Malaria is a huge problem in Uganda and Rwanda. The disease is rampant in East Africa, and most people there are flipping a coin as to whether they will live or die from it. Malaria is an entirely treatable illness. But without the right medicine, there’s a 40% mortality rate.

It costs $5-dollars to treat malaria. When Africa Development Promise helps these people increase their income to less than five cents per day to over $250/year, they can now afford medicine and live. They can pay for a $2-dollar motorcycle taxi to the hospital to receive treatment. And their quality of life has expanded dramatically.

Relief from Famine

2 million people in northern Uganda were starving from famine last year. These residents can now build greenhouses, productive farms, producing high-end products to be sold to restaurants (bell peppers and tomatoes).

This assistance becomes a game changer for their families.

Contribute Today

We love providing these life-changing solutions for our friends on the African continent. When you work with Beautifi Solar, you know you’ll not only start saving money immediately on your power bill, but a portion of your investment will go towards helping those who are the most vulnerable in this world. We think that’s a win/win/win!

Learn more about contributing to Africa Development Promise HERE.6