Yesterday was the Best Time to Add Solar Panels to your Utah Home or Business Property

If you’re like many Utah residents, you’re probably a little hesitant to begin investing in solar technology for your home. Maybe you’ve heard rumors that the technology isn’t advanced enough or not worth the investment in the Salt Lake City area.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Beautiful Solar Panels to Enhance Your Home

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Mature Solar Panel Technology

The solar photovoltaic (PV) system was first invented decades ago, in the 1940’s, at Bell Laboratories? It makes use of the photoelectric effect, a phenomenon studied by scientists since the 1800s.

Greater Efficiency

Since the time of their invention, the photovoltaic modules that use light energy to generate electricity have become far more efficient.


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Modern modules use rare earth metals and thinner wires, making them efficient and durable over time. They use Crystalline silicon, processed for greater purity (perfectly aligned silicon molecules), which causes greater efficiency.

Unlike most modern technology, solar panels have no moving parts, which helps them function for years on end. They’re designed by solar manufacturer's for outdoor use (A good fact since that’s where the sun shines) and to last for decades.

Beautiful Panels

Remove your power bill from Rocky Mountain Power for good with new residential solar panels on your Utah home.

Remove your power bill from Rocky Mountain Power for good with new residential solar panels on your Utah home.

We recognize that many homeowners are concerned about adding solar panels to their properties, for fear of how they may affect the aesthetic design of their buildings. That’s why at Beautifi Solar we use all black panels for clean and inconspicuous design. We believe adding this technology can enhance the appearance of your property, not devaluing it.

When Should You Invest?

Some consumers worry this may not be the ideal time to invest in solar. What if new technology developed in the future is better than existing solar panels? Should you wait until solar panels improve in quality or go down in cost?

Our panels are made from the highest quality materials, from reputable brands, allowing us to offer a 25-year warranty to our customers. When you buy a solar energy system from Beautifi, you can expect it to last 40-years or more.

And when you consider, every month you pay your power bill you’re losing money. That same money could be invested in solar panels instead, adding value to your property, and sustainability into the future, the decision is a no-brainer.

The best time to invest in solar technology was yesterday. Yesterday’s gone. So, the second-best time to purchase solar panels is today.

If you finance a solar energy project for your home, it can be the same monthly expenditure (or less) as your current power bill from Rocky Mountain Power. You could start saving money in the first month of using solar panels.

Resistant to the Elements

Solar panels have the distinct disadvantage of being purposely exposed to the natural elements of the environment. Rain, snow, hail, and harsh dry heat are common in Utah.

Does that make investing in solar a lousy choice for Utahan’s? Our panels are designed to be MAINTENANCE FREE!

No cleaning.

No maintenance.

Easy peasy!

When it rains on your home, the surface of the panel allows the dust to be released and absorbed into the water droplets, which then runs off the array. This provides you with clean, bright, and attractive solar panels on your home or business, without additional expense or care.

Tempered Glass

We buy panels manufactured with tempered glass, built to withstand golf ball-sized hail. So, don’t worry if you live next to a golf course, or you’re heading into a stormy season. Your solar panels will be designed to withstand the natural course of their lifespan without hiccups.

Our panels use also constructed with an anti-glare coating to maximize the light absorption, giving your home the highest energy production.

Types of Systems for Salt Lake City, Utah Homes

Monocrystalline panels are the superior technology and what we recommend to Utah homeowners.

Monocrystalline panels are the superior technology and what we recommend to Utah homeowners.

We choose to offer monocrystalline panels, which are more durable than the cheaper option, polycrystalline solar panels.

Monocrystalline panels use monocrystalline silicon, also called single-crystalline silicon. They have an even coloring and uniform look, indicating the high-purity silicon used in their construction.

Polycrystalline Less Ideal in Hot Temperatures

Polycrystalline solar panels use raw silicon, which is melted and poured into a square mold, which is then cooled and cut into square wafers. This is simpler and costs less. They are less tolerant of heat than monocrystalline panels. High temperature can affect the performance of these simpler solar panels and shorten their lifespans. Hot weather in Utah's summertime makes these a less ideal solution for homeowners.

Beautiful Solar Energy

Buying monocrystalline panels from Beautifi Solar affects the overall price by no more than 5% compared with polycrystalline solar cells, making it the best value for your money in Utah.

Typically, solar contractors need to cover a larger surface of the roof with polycrystalline panels to produce the same electrical power as you would with an array of monocrystalline silicon, a more intrusive visualization of your property. 

Monocrystalline solar panels tend to be more attractive since they have a more uniform look compared to the speckled blue color of polycrystalline silicon. This is why we at Beautifi Solar choose to supply our customers with the superior panels, for both aesthetics, efficiency, and durability.

What About Thin Film Solar Panels?

If you’ve researched solar technology, you may read about thin-film photovoltaic cells (TFPV). These are ideal in areas where space is not an issue. Their mass production is simple, less expensive, and they have very flexible usage. There will be many exciting uses of this expanding technology in the coming years.

Thin-film solar panels are not very useful for in most residential situations. They are cheap, but they also require a lot of space. Because of this, we don’t sell them to homeowners in Utah.

Buy Super Solar Power Panels Today in Utah

As mentioned earlier, the ideal time to buy solar is in the past. But since flex capacitor technology is still in the development phase, it's a smart idea to invest in beautiful monocrystalline solar panels for your Salt Lake City, Utah home or business, starting today!

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